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Friday, 28 November 2014

XILS-lab Le Masque Delay v1.0.0 Free Download


Download XILS-lab Le Masque Delay v1.0.0-Full Version Software
Size 16.4 MB

Key Features
- True stereo path with independent Right and Left Delays
- Midi Sync and Stereo Link Delay Modes
- Sync grid zone with up to 8 custom Masks
- All Masks have independent length and level
- One Multimode Filter (With Drive, Self Oscillating, 0-delay Feedback Design)
- Two independent envelopes (Loopable ADSR and AR) with 3 trigger modes
- One Syncable Multiwaveform LFO with 3 reset options
- Snap to Grid function to quantize Mask Locators on musical values
- Swap Masked/Unmasked function (Real Time)
- 4 Clock Modes (DAW, In, Tap Tempo, Fixed)
- Modulation Matrix for real time control of parameters
- Real time tempo analysis function for Live playing
- All parameters are MIDI controllable


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